The Complete Works of the Gawain-Poet

These five verse-translations, and the materials accompanying them, mark the completion of a major project in Marie Borroff’s ongoing studies of poetic language and style.  Recapturing the basic rhythm and its variations, the sound-symbolic effects, and the colorful diction of the originals, the translations sound much as they would have sounded in the great medieval banquet halls where they were first read aloud by their creator.

This website makes freely available Borroff’s dramatic readings of all five poems.  Its apparatus enables the listener to hear any one of the five translations in whole or in part.  Those interested can also hear any of the passages in the poet’s original Middle English included in the part of the book devoted to metrical analysis.

Each of the five poems making up the Gawain-poet’s Complete Works has its own plan. For descriptions of these, click on Poems, above.

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